People can reveal plenty of meaningful things about their attitudes to advertising, brands and products – … if market researchers allow them to speak frankly!

Morphological market research is a psychological craft


Morphological market research

Understanding human beings and their psychological quirks is the fundamental idea behind professional morphological market research.

Morphological market research uncovers conscious and unconscious impulses of people’s experience in dealing and using products, brands and communication. Thereby, consumer behavior and decisions are predicted reliably and accurately.


Psychological description

Only experienced and academically-trained morphological psychologists have the skill and judgement reasoning to detect, analyze and report these insights.

  1. Listening like a therapist rather than pre-defined quantitative question and answer categories in the form of rigid items off- or online
  2. Working sensitively with the dynamics of the conversation rather than rapidly ticking off open qualitative questions
  3. Analytical reading of the atmosphere in a conversation rather than adhering to structured qualitative interviews
  4. Focus on resonance in the conversation (scenic understanding) rather than on a neutral line of questioning and/or a technical apparatus (e.g. eye-tracking, VR-glasses)
  5. Psychological stretching of everyday usage contexts rather than lists of needs and characteristics
  6. Elaboration of everyday-life-Gestalts rather than quantitative data, qualitative motifs, milieus and gaze analysis


Extensive understanding

Psychological, often contradictory impulses in the experience can be grasped in the form of everyday-life-Gestalts. Brands, products and communication can pick up these Gestalts for their needs and use them strategically.