20 years of esprit for brands, products and communications - psychological market research: profound, inspiring, activating

  • Psychodynamic moderation
  • Scientific analyses to sense the meaning
  • Astonishing insights to provide perpectives
  • Effective network
  • Qualitative psychological methods
  • National & small international studies

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  • Big international studies
  • Quantitativ & qualitativ methods
  • Technical Service

QUES is a method specialist for profound psychological impact research. Based on Wilhelm Salber’s concept of morphological psychology, we offer profound and inspiring market research.

QUES decodes the secret logic of the markets, provides sound decision-making principles, and provides strategy competence.

In cooperation with GIM - Gesellschaft für innovative Marktforschung mbH, the network guarantees the full service also for quantitative and international market research.

For more than 20 years, QUES has been offering >> knowledge that works <<



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Which desires inspire your customers – today and in the future?

Customer wishes are passionate, continually changing, and only occasionally conscious; coregulating
their decisions privately. Especially in tight markets with often comparable standards in products, irrational psychological motives are the ones that decide; based an enchantment or hang ups, in favor or against products.

In addition to qualitative and quantitative customer data, psychodynamic insights

  • Unexpected new insights into the consumer‘s mind
  • Inspiring approaches in hard displacement markets
  • A fresh breeze for strategic communication and marketing

For more than 20 years, QUES has provided profound psychodynamic market research, offering exceptional new insights because our methods continue to evolve.